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SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008 (formerly Crystal Xcelsius)

SAP Crystal solutions dashboard and visualization software – formerly known as the Xcelsius family of products – illuminates your business by providing consolidated views of key metrics, so you can answer your business questions easily. Interact with your data in more meaningful ways with what-if scenarios and other visual components – and use that data to make informed decisions.

One such product is called SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008 (formerly Crystal Xcelsius). Below is a video on how you can get started with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008.

Getting Started with SAP Crystal Presentation Design (Formerly Xcelsius Present)

In terms of generating reports, you’re given a very simple option of either plugging the report directly into SAP Business One or even further analyzing the data via Excel.

What really helps is the ability to convert basic (read: boring!) reports into animated and interactive reports that allows for almost instant analytic and analysis.

Below is a screenshot of a sample dashboard created using Crystal Presentation Design in just 5 minutes.

Sales - Crystal Dashboard

You can also download a sample of the SWF file here:

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ERP and Reporting – Part 1

SAP Business One

Sometimes its quite easy to think that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is greater than the sum of its parts. I tend to disagree. I think (and again, this is something I personally believe) an ERP is only as good as its reporting functionality.

Wikipedia somehow helps solidify my point of view by reporting:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization…

Management information usually falls into the realm of reports and reporting tools.

SAP Business One comes with (you should be sitting down for this!) not one but 6 (SIX!) Reporting tools, 7 if you include SAP Crystal Solutions Dashboard (formerly known as Xcelsius).

These reporting tools are:

  1. SQL Queries (within SAP Business One)
  2. Drag and Relate
  3. XL Reporter (XLR)
  4. Crystal Reports (CR)
  5. SAP Crystal Solutions Dashboard / Xcelsius *
  6. MS SQL Analysis Services
  7. 3rd Party Reporting tools – Excel etc

* SAP Crystal Solutions Dashboard / Xcelsius requires an additional license purchase

In the next few blog posts I’ll detail out the above tools and how they help in day to day operations as well as administration of SAP Business One.