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SAP Business One mobile app for Android 1.1 is available since May 22nd!


The new SAP Business One mobile app for Android 1.1 has just been released. It offers:

  •  Additional scenarios in conjunction with SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, which uses SAP’s in-memory technology:
    • Enterprise Search (for Android tablet devices only)
    • Pervasive analytics for business partners and inventory
    • Cash flow forecast and customized pervasive dashboards
  • Selection criteria for SAP Crystal Reports
  • Additional fields and support of multiple branches in sales order module
  • User-defined fields at document row level
  • Selection of a company database from a list at logon
  • Support of Hebrew language

Play-Store     You can download the mobile app directly from Google play.

Just for the record, version 1.0.1 came to market on November 26, 2013. On January 21, 2014      version 1.0.2 brought an optimized Adoption of Android tablets.



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Microsoft Dynamics AX ROI / Benefits Estimator

Are you considering a new ERP solution? Not convinced that Microsoft Dynamics AX is the right choice?

Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics AX ROI / Benefits Estimator!

This tool, based on analyst interviews and insight by Nucleus Research, helps companies calculate the potential annual savings they could achieve by implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX. Identified savings include: increased productivity, improved visibility, reduced administrative overhead, reduced inventory, improved supply chain, and more!

Don’t wait – calculate your annual savings with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ROI / Benefits Estimator! Contact us immediately for a free consulation and a more detailed demo.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008 (formerly Crystal Xcelsius)

SAP Crystal solutions dashboard and visualization software – formerly known as the Xcelsius family of products – illuminates your business by providing consolidated views of key metrics, so you can answer your business questions easily. Interact with your data in more meaningful ways with what-if scenarios and other visual components – and use that data to make informed decisions.

One such product is called SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008 (formerly Crystal Xcelsius). Below is a video on how you can get started with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2008.

Getting Started with SAP Crystal Presentation Design (Formerly Xcelsius Present)

In terms of generating reports, you’re given a very simple option of either plugging the report directly into SAP Business One or even further analyzing the data via Excel.

What really helps is the ability to convert basic (read: boring!) reports into animated and interactive reports that allows for almost instant analytic and analysis.

Below is a screenshot of a sample dashboard created using Crystal Presentation Design in just 5 minutes.

Sales - Crystal Dashboard

You can also download a sample of the SWF file here:

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Top Ten Signs it’s Time to Consider ERP

With the New Year quickly coming upon us it’s that time of year when budget’s are being assessed, business plans drawn up and software solutions reviewed.

Has your business grown this year? Are you planning to grow next year? Do you find time is being wasted repeatedly completing tasks manually or perhaps you feel you don’t have the visibility necessary to put a firm business plan in place?

We’ve put together the top ten sign’s it’s time for you and your business to consider investing in an ERP solution…we hope you find them helpful!

  1. Your business uses multiple software packages to process a variety of business transactions and these aren’t interlinked in a single database.
  2. As a direct result of the multiple disparate systems data has to be entered multiple times for the same transaction time and time again. This is affecting data accuracy is also a drain on human resources.
  3. You lack a warehouse management system with build in RF and barcode scanning technology.
  4. Your system(s) don’t process eCommerce transactions.
  5. Accounting personnel spend weeks reconciling accounting entries to close‐year end.
  6. Sales and customer service representatives lack visibility in to order status and rely on warehouse employees to provide them with timely updates so they can keep the customer informed.
  7. You’re unable to retrieve accurate and useful business performance information in a timely manner which hinders business decision making and execution of business strategy.
  8. You are unable to gain full visibility of the true cost of operations across your business particularly labour and services provided.
  9. Your business regularly fails to anticipate demand resulting in inventory shortages and surpluses.
  10. Your existing system(s) run on an outdated technology platform.

In summary, if you recognise that your business is suffering from internal process inefficiencies and you lack clear visibility and access to key information an ERP solution designed specifically for SMEs will be able to accommodate your growing business needs.

A fully integrated solution can help you do what you do best even better, allowing you to save time and money and increase profitable business growth.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

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